Ancient Therianthrope Rock Art Found


Machairodont Felid
Always a wonder how such a rich, enormous history is present even if not written yet modern people, foolish as they are, regard therian psychology or therianism as "new". The fact that the concept predates any major civilization and ties itself back directly to the earliest creative works is proof enough it has always existed, just that people now have been consumed by their own anthropocentrism; that because they are apart from all the natural world conceptually, only the human one must exist.



Celestial Draconian Queen 🌔
•For as long as humankind has been connected with nature, and has had roots within the unknown wilds of this world, there has always been a deep connection within the soul, and the calling to remember the beauty of the nature we so live in... I am very happy that scientists have now found their proof that we exist, and may they continue to enlighten themselves, rather than close themselves off from ignorance and spite.



That is so awesome. Seeing that we do and always have had a past brings me peace. Knowing that maybe this isn't all in my head, and I am me for a good reason  :LoveBone: