Animals you love thread!


I am absolutely in love with cats! I have two of my own, and they're both very sweet. I also have a big thing for chameleons, though I don't own any.

What's your favorite animal / creature? Do you have any pets?



I love african wild dogs, horses, big cats, striped hyenas... I think a few might be other-hearts of mine!
I surround myself with birds. My two roommates are a cockatiel and a dove, both rescues.

I absolutely love reptiles, especially snakes and alligators! And of course I love dragons too, but they don't exist in our world today 😜 I also love hyenas and bats! I really like cats too because they're very cuddly. I share a house with two cats today and I love them both very much 🥰



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I like the big desert ants that live in the back yard. They're about as long as my pinky fingernail, but they're not aggressive to humans and they don't invade the house. It's fun watching them try to carry off bits of birdseed especially the sunflower seeds. Then there are the bees that come to the fish pond to drink. They really love the rosemary flowers too. We also have geckos that sit outside the bathroom window to catch bugs when the weather is warm. Then there's that one squirrel with half a tail that hides in the rock wall. It chirps like crazy when it gets upset. At first I thought a bird somehow got stuck in there. 

I like most animals in case you couldn't tell. 



I love dogs, African wild dogs, foxes, (honestly, any Canine). I also like cats

Argh! So many.

I like weird critters, definitely. Cnidarian, like siphonophores, are some of my fave beings. They are just so interesting and unique in the animal kingdom! I also love corvids for their intelligence, and amblypygi for their weird raptorial pedipalps, that i found through research to comprehend my own traits ahah.

I love fish and other aquatic creatures, especially cephalopods!! I have two fish tanks myself, just a handful of neon tetras and mollies. I adore them so much. I also have a hardcore love for codfish and sharks.

I also love parrots with a personal bias for macaws! Birds in general also have a spot in my spark. I've had a magpie companion before and he helped me fall in love with his own kind.



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Dogs and canines in general are some of my favourite animals.  :GrinandWiggle:

I also love rats, they're such cute and clever little things. Rats are my favourite pets although I've not had any for a few years now.

In general though I like most animals! I love watching the little sparrows flit around the garden, they nest in my hedge and I always look forward to seeing the new babies flitting around. I love birds in general.

The various bugs and things are always pretty interesting to watch as well, ladybirds seem to like my garden as we always get a ton of ladybird larva and it's fun to watch them grow and change.

Lizards and reptiles are pretty cool too. I find them very beautiful and interesting.

The only things I dislike really are arachnid's and jellyfish, because I have a fear of them. And even then I appreciate they're interesting creatures, and sometimes very pretty, I just don't want them anywhere near me.  :blepj:



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African wild dogs and spotted hyenas are my favorite animals, and also blue jays!  Blue jays are so beautiful and such dicks, they are an enigma and I love seeing them make a comeback after their population got hit hard with a virus about 10 years ago. I love every animal, and the majority of insects as well. Blood sucking creatures are the exception to the rule, the disease spreading bastards. And my only animal exception, the pelican. I do not like pelicans. I got attacked by one when I was younger and have disliked them ever since. 

I love birds. I have 3 budgies and I want to get a green cheek and sun conure when I get my own place. (My mom says it's weird but *indignant huff* I like what I like)

I also really like snakes. They're just so cute

Any canines except dingoes...I won't go into details on that. Reptiles of all kinds, especially snakes, betta fish, Maine Coon cats, raptors, and a few choice songbirds. I also love horses, and they love me, don't know why.
I have a lot of love for corn snakes, leopard geckos, ball pythons, English mastiffs, draco lizards, corvid birds, and honestly just reptiles in general. Most of my headmates also have particular favourite animals, Dimi adores foxes, and Artorias loves wolves.

(Earth animals are interesting to me on all levels, because I'm an anthropomorphic hedgehog, and everyone in my homeworld was either a human or anthropomorphic animal like myself. If I had to pick a favourite, I'd definitely choose birds of prey. Probably ospreys and falcons.)
I'm pretty standard when it comes to favorite animals, I love cats. Grew up with them and have had one in every section of my life so far. I also adore penguins, king penguins are absolutely stunning to me.
My favorite animal is easily spotted hyenas, their social structure and unique physiology are never not impressive to learn more about and observe. They even have a huge pool of genetic variance, with the shape of their pupils even being a trait that can vary (most have round pupils, yet a few have slit pupils). If I had the money and motivation for more schooling, I for sure would love any career where I could work with them regularly, whether that just be in a zoo or as someone who got to study them in the wild.

I like most dinosaurs as all, but my interest in them comes and goes in very strong but short bursts. Like hyenas theres alot to learn about them, but it can be an info overload and the burnout on studying all the latest dinosaur names is not at all eased by the endless dinosaur names I can't hope to pronounce.

And lastly I have two pet rats! and my mom has 3 dogs and 4 cats. It goes without saying they're all close to me and I love them all dearly.