Announcement: Otherkin/Therian Book Resource Now Online


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Hi y'all,

I just wanted to let ya know that I've created a page which will be including every relevant text I can find on Otherkinity/therianthropy:

Check out the collections section for texts organized by relevance. The tags section is not finished yet.

This list is intended to be a massive reference archive with comments on each book that presents information about the relevance of the book for those who are engaging in research or those who just want to learn more about themselves. I have more details about how the archive is organized and why certain books are included as relevant, even if they are not specifically about Otherkin/therians (they might be about philosophical ideas or schools of thought that are extremely useful for understanding nonhuman identity).

Please understand that this is very much a work in progress which I will be updating frequently. Right now, most books do not have comments upon them. I will only be providing comments upon books I have read personally as a miniature annotated bibliography.

If you have book suggestions for those that are not included in the list, please message me anywhere and include

1) Full title, author, publisher and date of publication
2) A statement of what the book is about.
3) A statement of why you think it is relevant to the Otherkin community (including how relevant, there is a section for more and less relevant books.)
4) If you would like to be credited with the review in the annotation and what name to credit.

Also please feel free to message me about any fiction books or those with entertainment value that you think Otherkin/therians would enjoy. I have a section for non-academic books and fiction as well, which includes novels, poetry, graphic novels, comics, etc.