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Any Kingdom Hearts Kinnies?

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New member
Hello! I'm new to this website, however I'm not new to the community. I'm on the search for any and all Kingdom Hearts kinnies, since it's my main source and I hardly have any friends from the series.

I personally am Isa/Saïx and Lea/Axel and I'd love to talk to anyone.



:foxheart:  Hello and welcome to Kinmunity! We hope you enjoy your stay here!  :foxheart:

I don't have any Kindgom Hearts fictotypes but one of my headmates (soulbonds) is Ansem, Seeker of Darkness.

I used to consider myself a heartless long ago but they became more of something I'm fiction-hearted to (I guess that would be the right term.. or maybe synpath? idk, there are so many definitions for the terms DX). 

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New member
Hmm...interesting question. I might have to get back to you on that... 😈 I'm in the middle of questioning a Kingdom Hearts-related identity, as I described elsewhere on the forum.

You can also talk to Cogishlytoony, though he's on pretty rarely.

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