Any Objectkin Out There?


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@BreadCat Sure, basically I can feel the memory of what it felt like to be certain dolls vs the human doll I am now, strings if shifting to a marionette, interlocking joints, porcelain feels tight & hardened like my skin and muscles melt into my bones, soft or slack and without any tension as a ragdoll. Granted I think I'm what the otherkin community calls shifted all the time to some degree. 

@CopperCoyote No, it's not really like toy story, in some ways its the total opposite. Dolls do have what I'd call a rich inner life, but are most alive when being played with or given the energy of the attention that animates them by their owners, rather than when they walk out of the room. Cute movies though. 

There's also a big different from being hand made vs factory made. One of a kind vs one of many, that sort of thing.