Any of you guys have pets?

As the title say do any of you have any pets? 
I have a black lab/pointer mix who won't leave me alone unless it's night and I have a grey tabby who hates me during the day but loves me at night and leaves cat hair all over my pyjamas. 

While we're on this topic of pets do any of you guys have any special relationships with your pets? Like the feeling you belong in a 'pack' together or things like that?                                   For me, it would be a no- mostly I think it's because my kin is a more solitary creature. 


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Yeah, I've got a cat. I would love a dog, but a cat is what I've got and I love her to death. She's a nuisance nearly every day, as is any cat, and she likes to be around people. I've got 2 pics, and they're pretty bad since I just snapped them real quick on my phone, but I think they work well enough x3

JPEG_20170507_184032.jpg 20170506_125620.jpg

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I live with a cat and my roommate's dog.

The cat's name is Mulan. We adopted her from our neighbors. She's the sweetest little thing.

And she has the best floof tail.

My roommate's dog is a pug. He's disgusting, but I love him. His snuffles are a constant background noise in this house.



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I have a hamster, five goldfish, four koi carp which are now huge, and a weather loach.

Apparently I'm a fish person
In this country I have two dogs, and in Austria I have two cats.

Blaze, a Labrador Retriever. She's a REALLY good dog. She's basically made of pure, concentrated innocence. This is what lawful good looks like.


Tilly, the Parson's Russel Terrier. She's more chaotic neutral. She knows how to open doors. She will steal food and drinks. She does wipe her feet when she comes inside the house though.


Lillian is just... Lillian. She makes a weird noise when she jumps off of things, and she steals beds while looking really smug about it.


Last but not least, McLeod. McLeod is a little bit... "special". He's a male calico (black with brown tabby, so not as noticeable as Lillian) so he has some mental issues. He likes to suck on his elbows and he runs away from everyone. He's really fluffy though and I love him.

My roommate's dog is a pug. He's disgusting, but I love him. His snuffles are a constant background noise in this house.
My dog does that noise too! Except she's a yorkie-shih tzu mix, haha.  :wigglewolf:

Also, what's your cat standing on in the second pic of her? I love her name btw--"Mulan" means "magnolia" in Chinese. c:



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I have two cats and a dog. There's also an uncountable number of rosy reds in the small pond in the backyard, but they pretty much take care of themselves and aren't exactly pets, just mosquito control. 

One cat is possibly a Maine Coon, big, fluffy and reluctant to use claws even when playing. The other is a small tortoiseshell who found her way into our backyard as a stray kitten. We had to borrow a trap to bring her inside, but once she got used to us, she decided that she loved attention. The dog is a cocker spaniel and terrier mix. He's completely short hair, golden color, though his litter mates did have the wavy ears. He's got the wrinkled forehead like the spaniel, and unfortunately also the allergies that make his eyes water. 

I don't think they are my pack, but they are family. As dependent creatures who are here through no fault of their own, I owe them nothing less. 
I live with three cats; one of them adopted my mom, one adopted my dad, and one adopted me. I will include pictures when I figure out how. Mine is a ragdoll that is incapable of behacing herself, my dad's is the fattest orange tabby you'll ever see in your life, and my mom's is a gray old fart from the stone age. I love them all.
I have quite a few pets. Two dogs, a Labrador Retriever named Sparkles, and an Akita mix named Binx. I can actually hear them snoring from over here. They're loud. ^_^

Now, other than my dogs, I have a lot of cats. Like, a lot. Off the top of my head I can name Teddy, Jupiter, Brandi, Coon, Kipper, Cake, Harambe (Don't ask about his name, it was a mistake), Badger, Kyzer, Nebula, Frisk, Cloud, Chara... I'm probably forgetting a few. Only a few of them are house cats, the others all live in the barn. 

I've never really thought of them as my pack. They're just my furry family. Although, I do consider Binx as my buddy cop, and Brandi as my rebellious child. And sometimes Jupiter and I act like an old married couple. Is that weird? That's probably weird. 

Anyway, that's all my pets, minus the horses and cows. ^_^


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A fluffly orange cat, a less-fluffy but more cuddly orange cat, three medium-sized dogs, and while I don't have a guinea pig, I want one so freakin bad.

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My dog does that noise too! Except she's a yorkie-shih tzu mix, haha.  :wigglewolf:

Also, what's your cat standing on in the second pic of her? I love her name btw--"Mulan" means "magnolia" in Chinese. c:

Haha, snuffle dogs are best dogs!

The cat is standing on a soundboard, recording equipment. My house is kind of a recording studio. I room with a bunch of musicians and work in sound engineering. 

Magnolia - that's beautiful, and something I didn't know! Thank you! We kept her name that the neighbors gave her. It suits her. :)
I have a purebred black lab named Hawkeye.  I mean, he kind of hates me so we don't have the best of relationships.   It's probably because I try to hug him all the time and he hates it though lol.
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To sum it all up, Horses, Poultry, Snakes, Round about twenty dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Spiders (Well they're not pets but they are everywhere oml). (Also I know it sounds like a lot, but we have a lot of land in the countryside and they are treated like royalty. The animals would be fed before the humans are xD)

The only animals that I have a bond with that I can think of the now is the dog I own (Abbey, Who is a fawn pug <3), My sneks (Royal python and a Red-tailed boa), Ponies (Welsh section D's I think?)  and the cats (Siamese and orientals <3). I do have a bond with all the other animals of course, cuz like they are family! But uh, It's hard not to have favourites x,x

Although I do view the critters as family, I don't really see them as a pack if that makes sense? I prefer to be antisocial, with both animals and people.
I have a white-furred tom with golden-green eyes. He's very muscular but he's also overweight. His name isn't this, but secretly I call him Blizzardpelt, because he deserves a fierce warrior name.

His sister is perfectly comfortable with her house life. She's a brown tabby with white paws. My nickname for her is Lavendar Lady because when she mews, is see purple puffs. "Blizzardpelt"'s green waves are very faint, so they aren't very noticeable.
I've got a very fat ginger tabby named Rose, a grey chinchilla named Caspian, a mouse named Chewy, and this weekend I am getting a male labrador puppy named Frodo!


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Two black Havana rescue bunnies, both pretty girlies, named Jade and Isabelle, and one Australian Shepherd/Border Collie rescue girlie named Ladybug! I love them all :U


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I grew up with dogs (large, hunting dogs) so I always thought I'd be a dog person, but now I've got a cat and consider myself to be a cat person too. My kitty will be 14 in August and she's an American short hair tabby, likely with Egyptian Mau heritage, named K.C. She's my furry baby!