Any other Aviankin (Bird kin)?

Personally, I'm a raven. Well, I'm not. Dieux is; I'm only part raven. -Ere


...I was just wondering if there's anyone else like me. -Dieux
Hey! I think there's an avian group here.

As an adjective, I am almost avian (floof dragon). There are a couple birds I know, and a few phoenixes and gryphons, too. Good luck!!


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I'm a Velociraptor so it's very close and I feel very attached to avians in general! I've also been obsessed with birds for my whole life and have a bird watching group I attend in my area! I'd love to hear more about your kin-type and how you discovered it~ ^.^


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Funny, I am questioning a theropod dinosaur of some sort so I may come pretty close XP

But yeah, as Homura I could shapeshift into a raven and I do get raven shifts sometimes but I don't count it as a kintype. I do feel very attached to ravens and crows though, and count them as heart-types of mine.
Update: Turns out I wasn't a theropod dinosaur, I'm a wedge-tailed eagle. So I wasn't too far off?

Also my bird associations within the Homura kintype is probably a jungle crow, not a raven, so I got some crow mixed in as well but it's not a theriotype by itself.
[PLURALSYS=color_hue=242;Raven]I am, as my name shocking suggest, a raven.[/PLURALSYS]

[PLURALSYS=color_hue=286;Shado]I think I may be a hawk or eagle....I'm not certain though.[/PLURALSYS]