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Any other Witches here besides me?


Active member
Shadow Dog
I've been on and off (mostly off, lately) practicing witchcraft for about 9 years I think. I guess I'm an eclectic witch but my favorite things to work with right now are plants/herbs/nature in general and cooking. I mainly do witchcraft because I've always been drawn to it tbh, and I now realize this is probably because I was a witch (or something similar) as an elf! I'd love to get back into practicing regularly because I think it could help me connect with my elf side, plus a little magic never hurt anyone lol, god knows my life could use a little bit of magical boost.
I'm a witch, yeah. Well I tend to refer to myself more as a chaos magician or an occultist, but yeah I do very much still go to my roots in witchcraft. Been practicing for just over 6 years now, so not an impressive amount of time but not new either. I do chaos magic, mostly energy work, practical sorcery, spirit work and thoughtform work.


Active member
I'm a witch! I've been practicing witchcraft for about two and a half years now after I started practicing Wicca again. Right now, I'm working mostly with the elements and the moon.