Any Therians Want to Chat?


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I have one tail and xsome handmade collars. That's about it, my parents don't know I'm a therian.

Ok, another topic. Does anyone know you're a therian/otherkin? If so, who? 



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Pretty much everyone outside of my family knows, except my mom - but luckily she’s accepting! My partner isn’t alterhuman but he’s completely fine with it as well.

What's your favorite song or a song that helps you shift? 
always love this question ^_^ as im a big music buff lol i have quite alot that i love and that help me shift i can list some i want list all cause it be huge but some big ones ^^
The Killers: Deadlines and Commitments, Linkin Park: Burning in the skys, Nightwish: Last Ride Of The Day Within Temptation: Whole World Is Watching  list goes on XD



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Thanks for sharing! My songs are Little Talks and Dirty Paws both by Of Monsters and Men

Anyone else have songs that they love or that help them shift? 

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I like hard rock, so In This Moment was a find for me. I love Big Bad Wolf and Sick like me especially. They just give that monstrous vibe ahah. Other than that, I enjoy monster hunter soundtracks, and Roundtable Rival, songs without lyrics can be quite fun to listen to, it makes my imagination work and often gets me in a shift.



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Broccoli makes me feel rabbit shifty and Turkey and rotisserie chicken makes me feel wolf shifty and alcohol or grape juice makes me feel dwarf shifty