Any Therians Want to Chat?



For me, meat can make me a little shifty, but too much. Candy canes also make me shifty....I chew the candy canes like a dog would a bone, so that’s why it makes me shift



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I'm more awake at night but I'm constantly tired due to being on a lot of meds... I also blame it on the spiritual atmosphere and how things have been going on around the world lately... Also rain makes me tired and anxious



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I'm something of a night owl and without a schedule might stay up until one or two in the morning. This is rather inconvenient when the sunrise energy rush wakes me up. I try to ignore it and go back to sleep when I can. In the summer it can be too hot to go out during the day, so I used to take walks late at night and see other people outside enjoying the cool air too. 



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I used to identify as copeinglink that's when my brother and mom bashed on me for identifying as kin (they are conservative Christians and think it's demonic possession... I did have some fun ins with demons but that's another story)