Anyone active somewhere else, too?



I used to be active on when it was more active, but now I just tend to stick to this site.

I also used to be in a few fictionkin communities when I was on Amino, but the layout of the app didn’t sit right with me.



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We float around a lot, right now I think we're most active on Amino with Kinmunity and TG being close seconds. We might also go onto Tumblr from time to time and go through the otherkin tag to see if there's anything good. We're also in some fictionkin and plural Discord servers. 

-{Max} (Questioning Reptilian, Polykin Subsystem) 



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I have my own soulbonding forum, thats it. There is a dreamwidth community now, but its not active. My forums not active anymore either, I just have no other places to hang out. Theres also the fictionkin forum, but its pretty dead too.



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I'm only active on Kinmunity and a few private groups that mainly consist of friends. I used to frequent The Werelist and The Otherkin Community (when it was still around).

I'm active here(ish) as well as on TG, though I'm much more active on discord in my own server. I'm not really sure where to find more communities 😛



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I'm on DeviantArt and Tumblr. Very active on both of those. I'm pretty involved with the Warrior Cats community. I'm active on instagram, which is a mash up of everything I do. 



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I used to be pretty active on Tumblr, but these days for otherkin related things, I pretty much am just here and in a small group of long-time friends. 

I also blog regularly on Dreamwidth and keep up with some of my friends there, but it's not always otherkin-related. 



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I've... been around a lot of 'kin communities but never really stuck with any except KM, for one reason or another. Many years ago I was really active on TG, but I've heard... bad things about the new management over there so I'm hesitant to rejoin. I'm also on the Daemon Forum and tend to go through phases of being really active there (same with the Discord chat associated with that forum). Outside of 'kin/plurality things... you can pretty much always find me on Flight Rising's forums! I am way, way too active on there. Like, too much. It's a problem. 😛 



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I silently watch the dragonkin and otherkin communities on tumblr and have been hoping to get on pillowfort too. Im also on twitter (LunastreDrakkon) But haven’t posted anything yet. 



Outside from Fur Affinity, I can't really say I'm active anywhere else.



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I’m active here and to some degree on Werelist as well. I own my own forum but it’s been dead for a few years since it wasn’t particularly active and I never had anything to post. I still don’t, really, but I try to come up with things every now and then.



Various otherkin chats on Discord (OtherAdvice etc) is where I tend to spend most of my time online, I'm also active on Tumblr now and then when the mood strikes me.



At the moment, I'm most active on Amino, here, discord, and Tumblr.
I've joined TG and Werelist, though I never really stuck with them and quickly lost interest. Knowing me, I'll check up on them after a while, but probably won't be very active whatsoever.



Time to elaborate on my previous post! My soulbonds and I have started getting back into an adult role-playing chatroom again. And I'm active on Discord but mostly on my own server. I also sometimes appear on Pokémon Showdown for a short period of time.

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