Anyone Keeping Up with The Dutchess of England?

I heard yesterday that one of the babies has been born. Name has been released but no one has seen the baby yet. I am now on search to get that name hehe. Does anyone else keep up with this news or is it just my weird hobby.



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Honestly, since I check my Bing carousel everyday for my news (essentially I wake up and read my newspaper 😛 ) I see a lot of news about the British Royal Family, so while I don't read them, since I think most of it is nonsensical nitpicking and trying to find something wrong with every single person in the family, but I was like, "Gosh darn, how many kids is this now?! Didn't you just have your first like 6 months ago?!" So while I know it's been years, it sure doesn't feel like it.  



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I actually couldn't get around this since every news show here in Germany would feature the baby... Archie is the name. I couldn't care much less tbh.

The name Archie has been getting a lot of trash lately because of it... 

Quickly hides my chosen name, which I did NOT choose because of the baby, I chose it before, dang it! Stop asking me that!



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Isn't this kid like 7th in line to the throne? He'll be a century by the time he can sit on it...I'd be so mad. Born into royalty but only to wait.