Anyone up for Cards Against Humanity?


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(Dearest staff, I have thought long and hard about where to put this topic, but I am happy to leave its ultimate final place of residence in your loving hands.)

So if anyone here has ever played the amazingly hilarious card game Cards Against Humanity, you'll know just why I made this topic.

There is a way to play it online with your friends! The link is - > Here < -

Do be wary of the fact that there may occasionally be some latency bugs. But it's still worth it though.

So is anyone here up for a game or two? We should make serious plans for it. It's so totally worth it.

Cayto Ikooko Kan

Otherworldly Wolf-Man
I love this game! I'd be down to play :laughwolf:

  • Your time zone: Central time zone
  • Your location in the world: USA, IL.
  • Nocturnal: Yeah
  • Your preferred time: Weekends at anytime in the afternoon/evening
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Muddy Dragon of the Swamp
I'd be up for it for sure, just have to plan the best time to play.

Your time zone: BST

Your location in the world : England

Whether you are nocturnal or not : I can stay up nights on weekends sure and weekdays also depending on lecture starts the next day.

Your preferred time. Whenever i'm not in lectures or doing work
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Family of Wandering Souls
I play this game every weekend with my friends, I would be down to play with some people from the community :D

Time zone - PST

Area: California

Nocturnal?: Only on weekends

Preferred time: After 4pm PST
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irl sonic
Staff member
I'd definitely play!

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

Location: Georgia, USA

Nocturnal: Yes

Preferred Time: Night, after 6PM.
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Oh so much fun to be had! Count us in!

  • Your time zone: Central standard time
  • Your location in the world: Louisiana USA
  • Whether you are nocturnal or not: most nights I'm nocturnal
  • Your preferred time: I would choose probably around six on any day honestly. I'm free whenever.

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Looks like we've got a lot of people.

Everyone, may I ask that you edit your posts to add the following information:

  • Your time zone.
  • Your location in the world, if you choose to divulge even that much of your locational identity.
  • Whether you are nocturnal or not. This is totally optional, and for most, it won't matter in the slightest.
  • Your preferred time.

Let's see if we can make this work for as many people as possible. I mean everyone is obviously free to start whatever game with whatever people, but the better we plan this, the more people can get in. And it's a LOT more fun with more people.


I'm in the Eastern Time Zone, on the Eastern United States. I am only free weekends and in the evening on weekdays from 6PM to 10PM.