Are there any amongst you that are 'upper-echelon' kin?

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I've a couple friends that are some 'upper-echelon' kin, but we never really talk about it.

One of them, i've forgotten the name of it, is like... (X/Chimera)=(Dragon/Human). Does that make sense? Said creature may or may not have been the ancestor species to the other non-mundane creatures, they've been kind of unclear on that.

One is a Fire Elemental, pretty straight forward, but they're more along the lines of the embodiment of the hearth than a raging flame.

The last one whose kin I can remember is a Time Keeper, which they describe as one of an innumerable corps of pseudo elemental beings that just make sure time stays on course.

Do I have lottery luck or are these types of kin more common than not?



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"Dragon" is a pretty common kintype, and I've personally encountered people who identify as various types of dragons. I'm not sure about fire elemental / time keeper as your friend discusses it. I would hope that they're not claiming to have special powers or abilities that their kintypes do, as you probably are aware that would be impossible. 

I personally am a wolf therian. I've found that wolves, dragons, demons, etc tend to be abundant on otherkin-related websites.

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