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Are there any fictional characters you think of as Otherkin?


A wolf in human's clothing
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Firekeeper, also called Lady Blysse among humans, from the Firekeeper Saga novels by Jane Lindskold. She technically does fall under the umbrella of feral children. She was raised by a pack of highly intelligent wolves. By which I mean they have language and folklore and the whole nine yards. This sort of animal is refered to in the series as a "Royal Beast," to distinguish them from their "Cousin kind," which are just normal animals. There are Royal Beasts in just about every species. Firekeeper, we find out later on in the series, was actually made to forget her humanity by way of magic when she was very young, so that she could survive among the wolves. She is a wolf. Her packmates sometimes call her Little Two Legs, because she's not really your average wolf. But a strange wolf though she may be, she is still a wolf.

I honestly think that's why that series resonated so much with me. The fact that we've got a main protaganist who is human, but also a wolf. The story follows her, a wolf from her pack named Blind Seer who is her brother, and a friend/sort-of romantic interest named Derian Carter who it could be argued is horsehearted. If you like fantasy novels, it's a good series.


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There's a headcanon going around that Sunny is a cat therian or at least cat-hearted. Well... they don't use those exact terms, but the definition is there. Being a feline myself, I'm all for it. Besides, we see Sunny acting like a cat in several photos in the game. Basil even comments on it. And it makes sense because when I go full caracal, my human kintype doesn't 'reign me in' as I've seen a few people talk about.