"Artificial" Meat - Would You Eat It?

Would You Eat Cultured Meat?

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Of course. Not only is it more efficient and better for the environment, but even though death for food is a part of nature, avoiding it is the obvious choice when nothing is lost. Plus, no animals will suffer or be kept in inhumane environments for the sake of increasing profits, and far less resources are wasted in producing food. There's so much to gain, and not really anything to lose, so it's win/win, really.
Not really. But if you mean by those type of meat that vegitatrians prefer, I would. I'm not a vegitatrian myself but yeah I still will try it.
I'm not sure that I would.  I wouldn't necessarily have an ethical objection to it, but there would be a certain illogical "ick" factor for me.  Then again, I have come close to eating artificial "real" meat of a sort.  The Beyond Burger (made by the Beyond Meat people) is surprisingly good, and I've found that even carnivores like some of my friends tend to like it.
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Sure, but I'd still eat meat I hunted/fished/etc myself too. I don't see a problem with food so long as it's responsible food, and so long as suffering is lessened to as little as reasonably possible. Obviously I'd prefer the wild game- it just feels better to me, and I love the gamey taste it has- but as a replacement for beef burgers, wouldn't care if it was grown in a lab. Especially for the bigger, "more sentient" things like cow and pig- fish I understand it remaining as it is, but I'd like to be able to hug more happy cows.
Why would I turn my nose up at it? Meat is meat, I need it to survive in a comfortable manner. I also need the ecosystem to exist in a somewhat balanced manner, as such It is a no brainier to take the most environmentally friendly option that exists.


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Personally, I don't like meat. Even not coming from an animal, just the thought of eating the flesh of a living creature grosses me out. I like fresh cronchy veggies, thx. But I would definitely support artificial meat as long as it doesn't like, give you cancer or something. But everything supposedly gives you cancer loll
I was vegetarian for years. . . As a coyote you could imagine that that was kinda difficult. Anyway I joined the dark side and now feast on meat whenever I please. I would GLADLY eat lab grown meat. If not for the animals, for the environment. My personal plan is to raise my own rabbits to insure that they are well taken care of and happy before I munch on them. But lab grown meat would work to...


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Well, as long as it doesn't come with unwanted side effects I might be okay. I've eaten lifelight burgers and likes them. Then again I've also eaten vegetarian cookies and it just didn't taste the same. So it's really a factor of taste in some cases. I'm also very sensitive to texture. Dry meat is not fun- if I need to simultaneously drink something while forcing down your lab meat- there's an issue (I'm looking at you overcooked chicken). If it turns to mush in my mouth after two bites, I will reluctantly gag. Lab grown meat isn't something I'd knock before trying, though as someone said above me, there will be an 'ick' factor. To me, it's different than veggies grown in a lab due to the nature of meat.


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I don't think it would be possible for lab-grown meat to taste the same as meat from inside of an animal.

A lot of factors contribute to how an animal's meat tastes. What the animal eats being chief among them. Grass-fed beef tastes different from grain-fed. Deer hunted in the autumn tastes different than deer hunted in the winter, because their diet changes seasonally. I don't know how the cells would be grown or "fed" but I very much doubt you can feed a cluster of cells grass or grains.
I kind of have to go with yes and no. If it tastes like meat and keeps from animals being salughtered cruelly, then sure. But eating meat to survive is part of nature, just like all predators. It keeps populations under control and enviroments in balance. So yes and no.


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The price would have to come down for it to be viable for me, but it does resolve many of the ethical issues that exist with the current way meat is obtained and its' impact on the environment, as well as the issues I have with the treatment of many animals in mass farms - don't Google up the conditions of animals on these farms if you're eating, it's a nightmare - although I can see a major immediate issue, that being that if it's indistinguishable in taste from normal meat, it will not be long before a con artist sells normal meat and claims it's lab-grown in order to game the system for profit. I feel like some new laws might need to be put in place as this becomes more widespread in order to ensure quality control.
I tried somthing once that was called "Primal Jerky" it tasted kind of like a strange meat but it said it contained only mushrooms and teriyaki sauce
Interesting subject. I've daydreamed of sci-fi with similar meat... Hypothetically yeah I'd eat in under proper circumstances, as in if it were proven safe to consume.