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Artist pet peeves and annoyances


Digital painting. Somehow harder than traditional painting. How. Why. Isn't digital art supposed to be easier? smh. 😔
Also drawing on the wrong freaking layer.


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Asexual Pride
A couple more I can think of:
  • Your characters have to be relatable and complex.
  • Your story has to contain some social or political message. No thanks. One reason why I love the Paranormal Activity series is that it's completely apolitical.
  • Critics give horror movies a bad rating because "it's nothing new". Yet Marvel movies get very good ratings by critics, despite being nothing new.
  • When it comes to horror movies, critics don't care about the story, aesthetics, connections to spiritual beliefs / real-life paranormal stories, quality of acting and the likes. All they care about is "Was I scared?" and "Is there a social or political message in it?". See The Lodge, one of the few movies I hate, partly because its plot makes no sense. Critics say you shouldn't question the plot. It's scary and tells the audience that religion is bad, so it's good, right?
  • If a movie contains a social or political message that critics approve of, they'll give that movie extremely good ratings, no matter how high or low the quality is.
  • Fans telling artists what to do and how to do it. I'm a writer, not a waitress. This doesn't mean one can't request something or criticize me, but if someone wants to dictate the plot, characters or anything else, they've crossed the line. Why not write your own story then?
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