Belief of magic

Do you believe in magic?

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My mum has always been into "witchy stuff" as my dad calls it, so I was sort of raised with the belief that certain types of magic are real.


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Aside from being raised in an environment where such things were believed I'm am Wiccan myself. So I very much believe in magic. :)


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I'm Jewish by birth, Pagan by religion. I am a natural witch in most uses of the term. Above all I am still a student, in that I am still learning about the practice, even though many don't consider me a student because of time and experience in practice.
There certainly has to be some sort of magic, let it be on Earth or let it be somewhere else in the Universe. I mean like... Humans call it physics, but why shouldn't be what we call physics that that is actually magic? The universe is huge, and humans only have discovered a small amount, and so we as otherkins know only what humans know, though some kins know where they come from and maybe there does magic exist?

So, all in all, yes I believe somewhere there has to be magic that exist


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I didn't vote because there's no choice marked "undecided."

There was a discussion about definitions of magic elsewhere. To sum up mine, I define "magic" as manifesting one's will using non-physical means and without petitioning other entities.

Do I believe such a thing is possible? I'm undecided.

I have done "spells" before. One time, I did a spell to try to make it rain so that we wouldn't have to go to the range that day in the 120 degree weather. I wrote a poem in weird script using paint I made from water and earth. I recited the poem as I burned it (which weirdly erased the poem utterly from my memory).

The next day we went to the range and suffered through. At the end of the day, while waiting on hot metal bleachers for the trucks to come take us back to base, one little cloud literally came over our bleachers, hovered there and spat on us enough to add some nasty humidity to the heat.

So, what happened? Did I cause that cloud to do that with my spell? Was i God teaching me a lesson? Was it a nefarious spirit trying to get me to delve deeper into magical practices? Was it coincidence??

I have no idea and that is why I am undecided. I don't have enough experimental results yet.


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[QUOTE="Tom Riverson]The "What on earth is magic?" choice is also for undecided.
[/QUOTE]Doesn't make sense though, the choice makes it sound like you'd have no idea of what it was. But, if you had an idea of what it was, and just wasn't sure of it yourself, then that's what Bran is trying to get at. Undecided. Not unknowing.


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The 30-minute edit time probably still applies, even for a poll. But then I don't know, I don't make these things


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I believe in Magic as Energy. Like I have said many times before, Positive thought created positive action. To me, having dipped my toes in the Wiccan religion, it is the same. You cast a spell for something good or bad to happen, You are putting forth a large amount of energy to create the outcome you desire. This, is my own opinion though.


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DianeticIsland said:
Forgive my lack of knowledge regarding this website, I am new. How exactly do I PM?
go to your inbox > start new conversation > enter in the user name(s) of the individuals you wish to be in the conversation, and a conversation title > then types what it is you wish to say. :)


@DianeticIsland Sure, I'm willing to provide any assistance you might need that I am knowledgeable enough to help with. My perception of "magic" and the such is probably a little different than the conventional Wiccan ideology. PM me anytime if you like.
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I believe in it, practice it and all am at least somewhat familiar with a few different traditions of magic out there though I personally prefer to just use energy work which is related to but not quite the same as has been discussed in some other threads. In part this is because where I am living now I lack a suitable space for any rituals and I like to keep such things private.

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I personally don't care widdly-wong about magic. It may exist, it may not, doesn't bother me either way. Now, several of my non-kin friends are members of The Chuch and School of Wicca, and they of course, believe in and practice magic, which tends to bias me more towards thinking there is at least some kind of magic out there, I just don't know how to nor care to manipulate it.