Bionic Boots are a thing.


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To be perfectly honest, I'm at work right now looking for tech-related articles to post on social media, and I found this article here about bionic boots that let you run at an accelerated pace. I can't view the video at the moment, but I'm sure it's a doozy. It'll probably fit right up our alley.

Always wanted a pair of these. Or always wanted to not need a pair of these to do what they do.


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Thank you for sharing the link! I love technology more than anything, and seeing even more of it going towards enhancement makes me oddly happy (similar to the bionic contacts that improve vision, as well as project images and stuff onto the lens). The video was quite interesting until he ran at the end though, only seemed to be going 15mph or so (would have liked to see top speed, but won't knock 'em points for that), and the running seemed very awkward and unnatural. If you're going to enhance your speed, why not enhance your physical strength at the same time, with one of those bionic exoskeletons that are being developed? :D
I don't know why, but I honestly thought the Bionic boots would have something to do with LEGO Bionicles. Anyways, that's is a pretty neat invention!


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Magic said:
This is pretty neat, it'll be interesting to see where these boots go in the future.
So that was an interesting pun there. Good show. :p

I'm mostly interested in these because I feel like I have had innumerable dreams where I moved naturally in a way that these boots enable you to do so. They remind me heavily of my dreams, yes. I just really love the concept.

Also they remind me of Chell's boots in Portal.


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I would absolutely love to have a set of those and im looking foreword to see the improvements they make on them
They look awesome! However they also look uncomfortable to wear and awkward too. I hope this project gets more attention because I think it could do some great things!