Blogs are back!

As some of you may have already noticed, the blog feature has been added back to the site! :)
We are currently testing out a new blog system which could add some interesting options, see Naia's blog post for some details.

I know many of you have been worried about your old blog posts. Unfortunately the blog posts from the previous platform could not be transferred over automatically.
Your old posts are not lost though, they've been archived!

To access the blog archive visit this page and log in using your login information from prior to the platform move. You can then access an archive of your blog and are free to save any important posts or re-post them here on the new platform.
If you have changed your password since the move and can't remember your old details contact myself or @Naia for assistance.

These archives will be available until Dec 20th. Please make sure you have saved any blog posts you wish to keep before that point.
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I was trying to rebuild my blog and noticed something; I previously had a few images in my blog's description, but trying to add images there now brings up an error. Is this an intended feature of the new update, or an issue that will be fixed later?