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Blood-bent Roleplay


Active member
We are the Blood-born. Our blood runs with wild and shadow. The Injubedi, lion-born, the Aqatok, wolf-born, the Kiziliu, hawk-born, the Katijitiqa Kili, snake-born, and the Azalaya, crocodile-born. We are born with a gift, the gifts of our tribe. It comes and goes like the moon. But among us are the Blood-bent. They keep their gifts, their power stays like the sun. But they are feared, for we fear what we do not understand. They are sent away, to keep us safe. But they are not happy with this, and rebellion is brewing…

Rules: No NSFW roleplaying, hybrids between tribes do not get any gifts, character must be Blood-bent, maximum of three characters, relationships between characters must be approved by the roleplayers of both characters.

If you are interested in joining the Blood-bent roleplay, please PM me. Once i get enough characters, I will send everyone the invite to the discord server.

Character Template:
Image or description: