Books you are reading

I didn't a thread for this so I thought I would start one, if that's OK. :smilewolf:

I usually read more than one book at a time, alternating between the two or three until I have finished them. Currently I am reading "Seeking Spirits The Lost Cases of The Atlantic Paranormal Society" By Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson with Michael Jan Friedman. I received it as a Christmas gift and I em enjoying it a great deal. I had already read their first book several years ago, and loved it as well. This one is set out in the same manner. A book of short stories, one by Jason, then one by Grant, etc. covering cases they have had over the years. It is interesting to see the types of things they run into. It's a pretty light read, not something that will scare anyone I would think, but a fun one.

The Psychic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger is the second book I am reading. It is extremely informative. I think even for someone who is not a vampire. It goes a lot into energies, how to understand them, how to shield. If you believe in such things I recommend the book. Even if you don't you might enjoy reading it. It is one I can read a bit of, then I have to put it down a while and pick it up again.

I usually am reading a Manga as well and right now I am reading Volume One of Blue Excorcist. I have seen the Anime so I imagine it will be a bit before anything really surprises me, but I did just start Volume one so you never know.

What are you reading?


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Right now I am reading a few books, one is "American Sniper" by Chris Kyle which I have read a few times now, but I felt like I wanted to re-read it again, another book I am reading is "Lone Survivor" by Marcus Luttrell. Both are very interesting books and even though I know there is a lot of controversy about that first book, but I understand why stuff was said and the mindset of those in the teams. The other books I am reading are "Daidoji Yuzan's Code Of The Samurai" by A. L. Sadler which is a really interesting book detailing the codes, rules, and regulations that samurai followed in their everyday lives. It is in both Japanese and English so I have been using it to keep my Japanese skills sharp.

The last book is one of my favorites, but it has been a long time since I have read it. It is called "Secret Tactics" by Kazumi Tabata. It is a very interesting read especially if you are into martial arts or Japanese culture during the last 500 years. There are also various manga which I will not list due to the sheer number that I am reading right now.



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Not much of a reader but I read Game of Thrones in the Dutch language. I read some English books but not much and don't really remember the titles. I love the Ramses books we have here at home. Let me stop here since the books I read are Dutch.
I have a couple more lying around at home.

As I'm at school at the moment, the books on me are;

The Calling - David Gaider

I'm a Dragon Age fan, so I guess it's only normal that I read the novel lore as well haha. If you know the video game, this is set before the first game.

Red Queen - Christopher Pike

Being a rabid fan of anything Christopher Pike, I grabbed this book when it came out and was stunned when I started reading. It's different. As I'm more use to his older work, which is why it's taking me so long to read it. I'm almost done, I swear.

Grayheart - Tara K. Harper

I am rereading this, as I do love her writting. In most of her novels, the main characters has a telepathic link to an animal. In this one, it's a wolf. If you were to begin reading this book however, you might be a bit lost as it does have ties to other books in another series, Wolfwalker. There's just something about the alien world the author has created in these novels that I love. :)

Wanderlust - Ann Aguirre

I picked up the first novel in this series, Grimspace, purely by accident. I am rather happy that I chose to buy it though. This is the second novel. The setting of the series is in space, with jumpers who can fly space ships. Believe me, when I first read the back I was a little puzzled and skeptical. But it's turned out to be a decent story.

Surprisingly I don't have more books in my backpack, haha. I usually tend to grab a bunch so that I don't get bored on my hour commute to school. Books also tend to live in my house, as I leave them where I sit and rest. So the kitchen, living room, bedroom, outside where I bring my dogs.... ^_^;
On general I'm reading fantasy, though I also like a good piece of love story. Also, surprisingly for me I liked the "Eighty days" series, which is an erotic novel.

Now I'm not reading anything in particular.

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Well, as for me... I just love thrillers, especially if there's some fraud or big money involved. I've read a perfect book, but it was a couple of years ago and I don't remember the title really. I admire Scandinavian prose. I also read poems, whenever I stumble upon a good one. Oh, and Slavic fantasy is the best in my opinion. I think it's a shame that not many Polish fantasy books are translated into different languages. Although I understand they can be somehow difficult to relate to a foreign reader at some point.

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Oh my Gosh loads of books, and actually loads I have not heard of before. Which is fantastic. I can add them to my list to read. I like the variety so far in what everyone reads here.

We have an amazing used book store here that have "Ladies Night" every three months. Buy one book get one free. I shall be bringing a large list from this thread I think.
Reading the Magical Elven Love Letters, some good old otherkin history. It's pretty interesting, seeing the occasional references to things that we talk about all the time now.


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I'm currently reading the lord of the rings books, finished the hobbit last week (5th time reading it :) ) i love any kind of book like that


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I can read the Lord of the Rings books so many times and never get tires of them. My very favorite books ever written. The Hobbit as well.


I've been reading Clan of the Cave Bear series (I love it it's so good) I'm currently reading the third book in the series called Mammoth Hunters. Another two books I'm reading right now is Hunger Games Mockingjay and Horse Whisperer. All three are amazing reads and I could read them several times.


The Communist Manifesto again, as well as the Republic and Puss In Boots in Japanese for my studies. I've read the Communist about twenty times. Marx was right about the failures of capitalism.

In my spare time I've been blitzing through The Way of kings, having finished the orignal Mistborn trilogy. I've also begun The Stanger by Camus and Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky again.
WhiteWolfKR said:
@MalchiorD: I didn't know this existed, I'm going to attempt to track this down in the book stores. (I'm having issues with my paypal online shopping for me. >:| )
Not sure you'll find it in stores since I believe it's published by a not so well known publisher. Perhaps buy an Amazon gift card at the store and use that?
Currently reading and annotating Simone de Beauvoir's 'The Second Sex.'

Also re-reading Vladimir Lenin's 'Materialism and Empirio-Criticism.' It's a shame that this book isn't discussed seriously in Liberal academic circles. But I guess pushing past postmodernism is just too... problematic?


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I'm currently reading the complete collection of lovecraft, and various Norse mythology translations about Loki.

I might try to track down all of the Odd Thomas books. I just watched the movie and I loved it ... and since movies are rarely better than the book I bet the book is even better.
I'm supposedly reading Don Quixote, but I haven't been reading it lately. I'm going to start And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie soon.