Bugs, New Features, and Betas (oh my!)

Feature Additions
  • New Forum Types
    • Discussion Forums - the classic forum everybody is used to, Kinmunity has always had this forum type.
    • Article Forums - some forums now display in an article-like layout, like the News & Announcement forum!
    • Suggestion Forums - our Suggestion Box now allows voting on suggestions.
    • Question Forums - we had this before on the old system for 'Kin Q&A, we brought it back.
    • Search Forums - this isn't yet in use, but will allow us to display threads from different forums based on their parameters into a single forum.
    • Mixed Forums - a forum that can contain multiple types of content.
  • User Profile Banners - you can now have a cover banner on your profile, like Facebook, Twitter, or Wolf Howl!
  • Username Changes - you can now request your username be changed from your account settings!
  • Richer Rich Text Editor - our text editor just got better!
  • Better CAPTCHA - Our CAPTCHA does not collect hoards of data and send it to Google, because we no longer use RECAPTCHA.
Known Bugs
  • Forums will have double icons for the unread indicators (will be fixed after beta)