can a kithtype also be a kintype in one person?


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im sorry for all the questions. 

so, I feel really connected to velociraptors but when i do my "random shifts" (when i just shift without focusing on one kintypes (im polykin)) i feel like a velociraptor and usually get a phantom velociraptor tail. So can velociraptors be my kithtype and my kintype? thank you!



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Well, Kintypes are extensions of your self image.  They are how you perceive yourself to be in your minds eye.  By contrast, Kithtypes are closer to an emotional attachment.  It's essentially saying, "I really really, love this creature."  I don't see any reason the two couldn't coincide. 

It's kind of like humans who really really love humanity.  More or less the same thing.

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As both before me said it is not impossible to be both, rather it is a bit strange. My fondness for Machairodontinae is pretty obvious, all of us are sabertooth cats, but my heartedness is in general with felids because I feel that way about them all, just some much more personally than others. My type is extinct, that is just the nature of things, yet were it not I think it would not change the outcome. It would still be mostly a familiarity that makes that side of the bond stronger.

I see it sort of nested into it as a result, part being myself, other part being everything the self enjoys. So reasonably one could narrow that down more, although I think it becomes difficult to separate the then; an unclear difference between kin and kith.