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Can I feel attraction to other wolves/cats?

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New member
I am aware that Fractal is attracted to other synthesizers, so I was wondering if I could be attracted to other wolves and cats like myself? I don’t want people to think of me as a zoophile, but yet this question is most likely making me seem like one. I apologize in advance and I can delete this post later if needed.
i'd probably say be careful- your feelings aren't anybody else's business and you're allowed to feel the way you do. but if you find yourself ever wanting to act on those feelings, remember that despite your inner nature, you are in a human body, and it would be wrong to act on that attraction. but i don't think you're in much danger of that- you seem pretty self-aware, from what i'm seeing.


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Hey Hyper, please be aware that zoophilia is often a crime in many countries. If you are experiencing these thoughts I recommend seeking a professional for some guidance. Kinmunity does not accept zoophilia due to our core values in safety, and any kind of discussion is prohibited.
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