Can I have multiple kin types? What if one of mine is lame?

I feel a very strong connection to cats and dogs but I mostly tried to be a dog when I was very young. Dogs scare me now and I resonate much better with cats. I'm also meditating a lot and seeing myself as a mole??? I see all these people with cool types and I'm scared to tell people that I feel like a garden pest.

Water Horse

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There are a lot of otherkin who have multiple kintypes so to that question; yes. I hope I can reassure you when I say that I have never seen anyone make fun of someone's kintype around here. Uncommon kintypes are very much accepted. I personally find it very interesting to read the experiences of someone with an uncommon kintype.
Maybe to humans a mole could be seen as a garden pest but to a mole it is just that, a mole.


Yes, one can have multiple kintypes, and although we only have the one kintype ourselves we've met many that do have two or more. There's nothing wrong with that.

It may be worth looking into whether you're otherhearted in addition to looking into whether you're 'kin; otherhearted pertains to those that relate to animals but don't feel they are that animal. There's a good article on the difference between the two here. There's also copinglinking, which is intentionally chosen nonhuman identities (more on that here). We bring this up because of how you're talking about your feelings regarding cats and dogs; they could absolutely still be kin feelings, but it's worth looking into related things as well and considering all the options. There are a wide variety of experiences and it can be helpful to look at all the options before settling on what fits best. The linked articles are pretty good introductions and are worth a read to better understand the terms even if you don't consider them for yourself.
Regardless of whether you're 'hearted, 'kin, or a copinglinker, you're welcome in the community. Folks are remarkably accepting here.

As for the garden pest thing, seconding what was said about that perception being very much a human thing. There's nothing wrong with being a creature humans see in a negative light, and there's nothing "lame" about it. It's okay. What matters is that it feels right to you and lines up with your experiences.