[Caninekin] Food + Recipe List


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Are you a hungry caninekin? Do you have trouble finding what to eat to suit your preferences? Well I have good news for you! I decided to set up a little guide to help newcomers and elders alike to find recipes and foods to match their preferences. Despite this aiming for caninekin, felinekin and other carnivores may find this thread useful as well. Please let me know if any links are broken! Thank you.

  • Remember to eat well. This doesn’t mean just primarily eating meat. Although most canines get their main sources of nutrition from their prey. Many canines eat bits of plant matter and berries to keep their digestive system healthy. Domesticated dogs eat fruits and veggies, as well as kibble. (I don't recommend eating dog food, though.) Wolves eat more than meat too, such as blueberries, cowberries and ash berries.

- You might like these tags on the KinFood blog, which hosts lots of recipes for Otherkin.

- Hungry for meat? Look here!

- Treats?

- [Advice] Want Something Bloody/Messy?

- Don't like meat?

I really hope this helped somebody! Feedback is much appreciated.

- Rowan


Haha, one of the best things about having a human body is getting to eat all the bacon and peanut butter I want! And chocolate, too. I can't stress the importance of drinking water enough. It's important, no matter what your kintype!