Close to MAYBE figuring out my kin type?(18+!!!)


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So, I’ve done a little bit of research like some people suggested to me. I’ve narrowed it down to demon, to succubus, and more specifically a fallen angel succubus. I’ve always felt an attraction and interest for these creatures, but it started really simple. Like when I was maybe 10 or 11, I would play these anime video games that had some succubus characters. I fell in love with them and leveled them up first, put them as my icon and everything. Then later it started being succubus quizzes and reading about them. The latest thing is that I like to cosplay as them. Not just for the fun of it, but the feeling. Dressing up sexy, wearing horns on my head, and especially putting in fake fangs. I feel like fangs could possibly be a phantom limb MAYBE. When I would see videos of cosplay and tiktoks as such, when I saw them wearing fangs I would instantly feel good. I would lick my teeth just to have a feeling they at least might be there. And succubus are supposed to be sex demons really. I feel like I always crave for it and sometimes manipulate people for it. If I had a crush on someone, I would instantly think of us having sex. It felt so good to think about, and it still does. But I also feel I could be a male succubus. The next thing I share about maybe being a male succubus might make some viewers uncomfortable. You have been warned. I always sometimes have a strong craving to be a boy. I don’t think I have gender dysphoria, but I just get that feeling. I sometimes feel like I have a penis, and it really just feels right to me. Overall, I think I could POSSIBLY be this. I’ve always had an obsession over these creatures anyway. If you have any feedback I would love to hear it! Have a nice day everyone!

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Not so much feedback, I am glad you're coming along in your research! I know it can be difficult. Though, I think some of this would be better for the 18+ section, or should be censored at least. We have very young members here, is all. Its ok, we all make mistakes and whatnot!

I think I may also have a form of succubus in me, though probably a lesser species as to what they're normaly known for. I feed off affection, it helps me be strong soul wise and what not and I actually get pretty weak without it. I to, can try and get people to admit said affection if it gets bad enough, but I often feel bad taking it, so Im low key always "hungry". Hah Just thought I'd relate to help you feel better

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Oooh, as a pseudo-oni being, I feel some strong affinities with the succubus identity myself. (And to any demon, actually.) My sexual attraction seems to lie somewhere in the ace spectrum, tho. So that's kinda funny.

Still, I'm sexually a reciever. Really, I lose all composure when I have to give / to be on top. If this is not your case, you can as well be an incubus for example.



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I have heard of demons who could shift to be either male or female in order to be more appealing to whoever they were targeting at the time. So the gender switch thing is not all that surprising. 

(While I'm not a demon, I've sort of taken on some characteristics of an incubus due to seasonal energy shortages. I'm not terribly comfortable with the idea, but that's just how it seems to be working out.)