Confusion Regarding the Rules


'Further, you agree not to post copyrighted material that doesn't belong to you,' This is an excerpt from your Terms and Rules. If I may enquire, would one be prohibited from using a screenshot of Tord from Eddsworld as their profile picture? It is a concern of mine because while I may be questioning my identity as an individual, I am wondering whether or not it is worth it to infringe on another's copyright. Days ago, I had asked the artist, Paul Ter Voorde (the animator for the episodes The End Part 1 and The End Part 2 in Eddsworld) if I am allowed to use his drawings of Tord as my profile picture. I have not received a response as of yet. For now, until I receive a response from him, I feel I will only use my own artwork so I am not in violation of any copyright laws. My apologies, I am somewhat conflicted on what to do.


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There should be no issue with using such things as profile photos, as that would be considered fair use. The main issue is with people uploading copyrighted artwork to the gallery and claiming it as their own, which is absolutely not allowed.