Confusion Regarding the Rules


'Further, you agree not to post copyrighted material that doesn't belong to you,' This is an excerpt from your Terms and Rules. If I may enquire, would one be prohibited from using a screenshot of Tord from Eddsworld as their profile picture? It is a concern of mine because while I may be questioning my identity as an individual, I am wondering whether or not it is worth it to infringe on another's copyright. Days ago, I had asked the artist, Paul Ter Voorde (the animator for the episodes The End Part 1 and The End Part 2 in Eddsworld) if I am allowed to use his drawings of Tord as my profile picture. I have not received a response as of yet. For now, until I receive a response from him, I feel I will only use my own artwork so I am not in violation of any copyright laws. My apologies, I am somewhat conflicted on what to do.