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Continue The Story

Beepy Data Center

Moderation Team
Staff member
It's simple! Just continue the story. I'll start.

You are in a dark room. In every direction is darkness, and you can't seem to find a wall in any direction. You have with you a flashlight, but the batteries are running low. You smell a sharp dankness that seems to grow stronger towards the left of you.


Active member
"Damn cheap batteries. Good thing I brought some spares." slapping your right pocket, just to make sure they're there. You push on through the darkness, following the dank smell. Suddenly you slip, falling hard on your butt. "@#$%!" As the pain subsides, you notice the feeling of an oily substance beneath your hands. Probably the cause of your mishap. Cautiously you stand up. Your hands are now covered in the oily gunk and without thinking you give it a whiff.
"Is this.."


"Ink?" With this realization, the darkness seems to press closer, and the smell gets stronger. You can feel it; something is approaching. at this moment, the flashlight batteries finally give up on you, and you can see nothing. You fumble for the batteries in your pocket, but they're not there anymore. You desperately search for them but come up with nothing. Unable to tell where this thing is coming from, you pick a direction and start to run.