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Could therianthrope be genetic?


I'm hesitant to ask this question but I'd like to know what you think; could therianthrope be genetic, or familial? Last Saturday I had an awakening, and it happened to be after coming across a subspecies of my parent's theriotype! That made me wonder if this isn't a coincidence.


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It seems possible.

My dad wasn't technically a therian as far as I know, but he was a "bird person," even got a pilot's license. My daughter is a cat therian too. Sounds like it could run in families, but not necessarily the same type.


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As Shezep said, it seems it could be possible.

I don't know any therians in my biological family, but I can say, many in my family can be seen with animal like urges, or in some cases, behavior. Me and my sister use to play fight like dogs or cats all the time, haha.

But yes, I would say it seems possible.


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There is a definite answer to this really on one front, whereas the other is a resounding "perhaps".

Hypothetically, assuming purely that all of "otherness" et al. is entirely psychological, there stands to reason that there might be a strong bias in genetics which creates the type of innate conditions for the individual - not yet including any those environmental, such as by means of parenting - to be "other" owing to their parentage. What I mean by this, if I may so elaborate is, is that one might have a neurological predisposition which contributes on down to a psychological one. This is before any sense of parenting is involved, wherein the conditions which the parents exist in that allow for an "other" lifestyle are very likely to be taught and ingrained into a child. This is to further state that there is a strong nature component, then a stronger nurture one, and if I am so inclined to make a very reaching assumption, the conclusion I come to is that this is likely non-replicable on a genetic basis. To establish what is too meant by this, it would be my supposition that those with parents who demonstrate this type of openness are much more likely, if not assuredly likely, to pass this on unconsciously - although very likely consciously as well on the basis of being high in "Openness" personality factor that nearly all "otherkin" and similar are, thus being permitting, encouraging, or even employing of it themselves in the rearing process.

I do not discard the idea there may be a genetic leaning but I discount that there is such a thing as an "otherkin gene" or even a series of genetics. At most I proposition that it might be a collection of trait-favorable factors which are shaped by the environment into that avenue, resulting in it. Whether parents wish to admit it or not, children - as with many intelligent animals - are generally very good at empathy and developing mimicry of habits which those they observe are not even aware of; see the Clever Hans effect in ethology and psychology.

In the spiritual medium, yes, it is generally regarded one can have a "spiritual lineage", not always even directly biologically related, which one can draw from that creates this. One can see this in spiritual descendance of authority or power or attributes, commonly with say, shamanism; one can be "born into shamanism" by virtue of having a shamanic ancestor, even if not a parent, to just use one example. Thus the concept of descent of therianthropy by parentage in a spiritual light is entirely up to the philosophy one takes on it. Even more traditional religions, rather than just plain spirituality, adopt this idea in a way be it the Pope or the descendants of Muhammad or even Jesus. So to extrapolate concepts as these and apply them to therianthropy and therianism? Hardly a new or unexpected "stretch".

Thus in short, it is likely not coincidental, although I strongly do not suggest attempting to base this theory off of a biological, physiological, neurological, psychological basis in that order. Demonstrating this would not only be virtually impossible to actually do - were anyone to actually do so - it is significantly more likely there are other more common, more universal factors in play.