Cyberpunk 2077


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Anyone else hype for its release? I know it's been delayed to hell and back, but I wanted to ask anyway, since I'm extremely hype now. Probably gonna try to make one of my OCs first, maybe go the stealthy route, but all the options for playstyle haven't been released yet so again, remains to be seen. According to this IGN video, it seems the game is a much more slow-burn RPG than strictly an action game, which excites the hell out of me because I get really anxious in games where I HAVE to go hard conflict every time, or that stealth is too high risk to feel viable to me (see: PAYDAY2, GTA V, RDR2), but because this is existing in a city vs a lawless world, I can basically just roleplay to my hearts content, drive through the city, and do whatever.

Fifteen days left as of me posting this! (Countdown here)