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Been feeling ok lately and everyone has been taking turns to front, making daily tasks a lot easier. Roxas will do almost anything if we promise him video games lmao

I haven't been doing much therian-type stuff lately as I've been super busy with work though. Had some interesting dreams though. 



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nothing wrong with it, comfort is comfort
Whatever works... I bought a lil diffuser a few months back and it works wonders for my anxiety... I inhale a mixture of peppermint and lemongrass and I'm better within a 20 minutes to a half hour while most of my attacks last an hour or two. Music also helps

Been a while since I checked out km! Hope everyone is doing well, with all this stuff going on. Being in quarantine made me realize I really hated my job as a walmart cashier so I ended up quitting lol, but I'm trying to make a thing out of youtube, wish me luck bc I'll need it 😄

It's kinda weird not really having any kin friends anymore. I've been forgetting I'm a therian lmao but then I'll have a canine moment and remember "oh shit, I'm a dog". I probably need to start letting out my nonhuman side a bit more haha, so I have less weird fluctuations/random shifts.



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I'm super tempted lately to just write a blog post about Bendy and nothing else because I've been so down lately and he makes me very happy. 

But like. It would just be super sappy and stuff and idk who actually wants to see that. 

I so badly wanna decorate my room how I want because I never really got the chance to before but I feel like, what's the point if I'm just going to move out next year? I wanted to paint my room a very pastel green bc I think that's my favorite room color currently but that seems like too much work when I can just deal with the ugly off white walls. but like... they're ugly lmao. I feel like painting my room would be fun, and redecorating and everything. maybe it would help me feel more at home here and I'd be less depressed? idk.

when my bf bought me fairy lights for christmas and sent them to me I immediately put them all up and couldn't stop staring at them. it made me so weirdly happy. and besides, idek when I'll be able to move out because of the pandemic and I haven't even gotten to the point on youtube where I can be monetized. youtube is my dream job and it's been SO fun and god I just really really don't want to go back to being a walmart cashier, lmao. I'm sure I can make enough money off of youtube to survive if I upload consistently, it'll just take a while to get to that point ;-;

idk, maybe I will decorate my room. if I can't take everything with me then maybe I'll just sell all the decor and stuff that I can't fit into the car, or let my family have it.