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Well, my birthday was interesting. Last night my only irl friend who I'd been planning to hang out with on my bday backed out last minute like she's been doing for nearly a year. I asked her what was up because she kept doing this crap, and she confessed she was still upset with me that I didn't... take a piece of advice from her? She saw it, somehow, as a personal attack against her, because I told her I knew myself better than she did? We kind of argued and I guess we're just not going to see each other anymore. I've been dealing with stuff lately, drama from the gaming community and just having a bad day in general, so honestly I just cried. A lot. It was miserable. I still felt pretty emotionally drained for the first half of the day but my sister and her 11 year old daughter came over and I went out with them for the rest of the day, bought stuff to decorate my room for halloween like I'd planned to do with my friend, went on a spooky walk in the woods at night, it was fun. I kinda wish I'd been spending time with someone my age, but my sister and her daughter are really cool. Really, the entire time I was just missing my bf. I've hardly gone out since he was last year, and I feel like everything reminds me of him :c Anyways, lots of people wished me a happy birthday and it was really nice. I may not have any irl friends but at least I have some really awesome online friends ❤
😳 I have a secret admirer, who always signs his messages with 💛. So far all I've gotton to know from his is that he is a boy, around my age, and we know each other in some way and we do talk. I'm dying to know who he is so bad... he did confess that he is already in a relationship right now though so he is afraid to 'make a move'. I feel bad about it, I'm not so sure why but I really do and it's been bothering me..


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The more I think about it, the more browsing forums on the computer makes feel I've been m.i.a for 500 years...
I haven't been the greatest at keeping up. Life and youtube gets in the way lol. I wouldn't be surprised if I wrote this for my last post either.

The real daily thought: I hope my friend and I can do some more barn stuff on the weekend. Although I don't want to rely on being social af to enjoy myself at the barn, I feel it would be way too lonely otherwise. Like there's no real reason to stay over an hour- I don't own or lease, so that cuts the time too. Yet at the same time...I get satisfaction from tacking up lesson horses and helping newcomers so there's that..


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It seems so empty in here, though, weren''t more ppl active over the day, a year ago? Or was it always so empty with just a hand full posts during a whole day?? I am confused.
I'm alive but swamped with schoolwork...dual credit kicks ass. But, we are determined to get through this because it gets us closer to a degree. Also Sammy Boy says hi. (Don't call me "Sammy Boy.") Sorry Sam.


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gmfhnglkj Bendy is so cute when he's sleepy.. (for context I was the first one up today)

Bendy: eh... morning angel..
me: aw. Morning

five minutes later

Bendy: Oh, good morning
Me: you already said that
Bendy: oh ok... goodnight



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Evil white stuff has fallen from the sky!

It's about a month early too, when we get any at all. It'll probably be gone in a few hours, but the mountain may be white for a few days.


Why the hek is my fiance so dang wholesome?! I love him so much I want to bit him. This can't be a normal reaction I'm sure. Oh well, Love Bites from the Tiz are sacred!


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I've discovered that my brain works better when I jump into VR right around sunset. I can't handle the idea of the sun going down at 5pm. It puts me in this weird timeless state where I think "It can't be dark before six! Is it midnight? Nine? Four in the morning? Who knows???" So I take off to an alien planet, or a forest, or a beach instead and have light shining directly into my eyes, and it seems to work.

I noticed something similar when driving on long trips. If I take a break to go inside a restaurant around sunset, then I feel refreshed and ready to go again.