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Daily Thought

Well, my birthday was interesting. Last night my only irl friend who I'd been planning to hang out with on my bday backed out last minute like she's been doing for nearly a year. I asked her what was up because she kept doing this crap, and she confessed she was still upset with me that I didn't... take a piece of advice from her? She saw it, somehow, as a personal attack against her, because I told her I knew myself better than she did? We kind of argued and I guess we're just not going to see each other anymore. I've been dealing with stuff lately, drama from the gaming community and just having a bad day in general, so honestly I just cried. A lot. It was miserable. I still felt pretty emotionally drained for the first half of the day but my sister and her 11 year old daughter came over and I went out with them for the rest of the day, bought stuff to decorate my room for halloween like I'd planned to do with my friend, went on a spooky walk in the woods at night, it was fun. I kinda wish I'd been spending time with someone my age, but my sister and her daughter are really cool. Really, the entire time I was just missing my bf. I've hardly gone out since he was last year, and I feel like everything reminds me of him :c Anyways, lots of people wished me a happy birthday and it was really nice. I may not have any irl friends but at least I have some really awesome online friends ❤