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Daily Thought


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OMG, I just remembered the time when I tried talking like Lewa from Bionicle for a whole year. Really confused my family. Lewa was the coolest.


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I am so bad at FPS games, that every takedown feels like a victory. Seriously. I can easily catch my opponents unaware (pretty good intuition), but I just can't land the shots. My little brother, who is amazing at these kind of games, gets really frustrated just watching me play.


Active member
Wanted to mention this for some reason.

1. Despite most likely not being a vampire, I love the taste of cow blood from steak.
2. A kid at school said something seemed fishy about me once. I found out I was Undyne later the same day. That kid has no idea.


I'm watching a video of some little shrimps going about their business inside of an aquarium and all I can think is that I want to dive through the screen and start munching. :hungry:


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Aromantic Pride
Asexual Pride
I've been in this stupid rut for the past few weeks. I think it's because of stress. I'm not good with... Uncertainty. The owner of the house I'm renting IS going to sell it and I'll be forced out of the home if I can't buy it myself. This week will tell if I'm able to purchase it or not. And if not, I'm at the mercy of the housing market - and my state has been in a housing crisis for more than 10 years now. God, my head is getting so hot and heavy just thinking about it. It physically hurts my brain just knowing this is all happening.

Funny thing is, the rut just makes me lose my appetite and motivation, which means I can't look after myself, which means the rut gets worse. Stupid human brain chemicals. Skipping meals and sleeping more than being awake... Hmm. Sleep. I'm so tired. I'm going to sleep now.


Pansexual Pride
Transgender Pride
Non-Binary Pride
I've been in a depressive episode for a week now and I can't be. University has started back up and I can't afford to be unmotivated and feel like I don't want to do anything. I have work that NEEDS to get done...


Well-known member
I wish winter was back again. Even if I have to suffer sleeping through the negative temperatures because my room has no source of heat. My room also has no air conditioner. So I also have to deal with the heat of summer. Personally a freezing room is better than a hot one. I can escape the cold with multiple pillows and blankets. It makes me feel like I'm building a nest.I remember my mother would yell at me because I would open my window during the winter nights and that window was located right next to my bed. Love the fresh cold air. I'm the kind of person who enjoys ice cold drinks and ice cream during winter.

Kieran Ask

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I know consistently staying up til 2:00 in the morning to do homework because you don't do it during the day is unhealthy, but who cares. I'm nocturnal, if I had the choice I'd sleep all day and stay up all night. Night feels natural to me.