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What is this bump on my head within my hair? Is it something I should be worrying about?
Does it hurt? If it does, it may be an ingrown hair or something like that.

Daily thought: My vision in my right eyes is starting to blur like my left one has been blurred for years...uh, yay? At least I have glasses (really want contacts, though).


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This time of year always has a particular feeling to it. I don't know if anyone else experiences it or if this is a subconscious thing I have going but it's like some new energy is coming up and we'll all be okay (among other things that I feel are more coyote-related for me). Maybe it's spring coming up with the creation & promise of new lives. Maybe that's the source of this feeling. It comes each year around this time without fail and can last well into summer. I'm also surprisingly not particularly anxious right now. For the first time in a couple of weeks, I am okay and no harm will come to me from outside of me or from my body itself. It's just difficult getting that as a consistent fact in my brain.

I love the energy I can feel at this time. I love this time in general.

Edit: A couple of songs fit this energy well..."Float On" by Modest Mouse and "Road To Joy" by Bright Eyes. A couple parts in particular.
From the MM song: "Bad news comes don't you worry even when it lands/Good news will work its way to all them plans".

From the BE song: "The sun came up with no conclusion/Flowers sleeping in their beds/This city's cemetery's humming/I'm wide-awake, it's morning"

"Om Nashi Me" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes also has a similar vibe but it's more regarding the sound in general rather than the words.
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Still can't figure out how to like posts on this new site... anyone know?
There's a thumbs up thumbs down button on the lower right. Click that and your options pop out. (Unless that's a VIP thing?)

As for my daily thought, I shouldn't have eaten the whole thing. Now I am suffering. Prime rib, would suffer again. Along with the kind of horseradish that burns the sinuses all the way in the back of my head. I didn't know I had sinuses in the back of my head.


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I think the site is still being fixed up? I have no idea. It may be VIP only now. A lot of features are missing (blogs, discord, groups, etc). I suspect we'll know for sure in a few months or so.
Yeah I got one, why is everyone an egg according to their profile? Mammals don't come from eggs. Maybe that annoys me more than it should...
Who says we're all mammals here? Hmm? Anyways how about "which came first the chicken or the egg"? Considering reptiles came before avians and reptiles bear eggs...what's all the fuss about?
We see these on almost every site we're a part of and since it hasn't been posting yet, we get to do the honor!

Post your random thoughts of the day!

Today, we're going to try our hand at a new batch of gumbo. The other one came out good but I'm sure we can do better!

Why is it called "heroic" for a human to slay a dragon as opposed to going in, listening to said dragons issues, and resolving it peacefully. To me it's cowardly to kill just because, while one may rampage, has anyone considered the "why" part of it. Perhaps they lost one of their young to humans...
I don't mind being an egg again, gives me something to crack out of! Or maybe I'll just go make an omelette.... :D

I'm not having much luck with sleep lately either, but it's proving to be a good thing as I have so much fabric to cut out in preparation for sewing dragons I just do that rather than lie in bed.
You better be using avian eggs, reptile eggs are off limits


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My neck pain stops. Travels to my lower back. Sharp. Comes & goes as soon as it happens. Whoooohooo. Possibly pinched a nerve or got up wrong and pulled something. I'm gonna ask them for stronger painkillers tomorrow if possible when I get my blood test results, I think.

Edit: A thing...even though she isn't a fictotype, I am similar to Mae Borowski from Night in the Woods. She's a heart-type so maybe that's just why. When it comes to fictionhearted stuff, she is part of my identity but just not in the same way as my fictotype is. More like "almost a fictotype but not really". That's the same deal with my all-of-the-felines heart-type. Almost but not quite a theriotype. Fictionhearted =/= Relating to me (though it is a small part of it, it's more of that "almost but not really a 'type" that I keep repeating)
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I think the site is still being fixed up? I have no idea. It may be VIP only now. A lot of features are missing (blogs, discord, groups, etc). I suspect we'll know for sure in a few months or so.
Don't forget the ability to upvote post. Hopefully we'll be getting most of these features back with some time.
I was watching the news and teachers need to be allowed to carry guns. I'm just sayin'.
Not the response I would choose to that sort of situation, but I agree that something seriously needs to be done. Everybody keeps sending "thoughts and prayers." I think by now we have seen just how effective all these "thoughts and prayers" have been in preventing further such occurances. "Thoughts and prayers" are NOT cutting the mustard, people, we need actual changes if we're going to prevent these atrocities from happening again.


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If there's anything that I can interpret lately as possibly communication from Pan, it seems like he wants me to play Kingdom Hearts. I'm still not sure if I should listen.