Anyone else into dancing? If so, what kind?

I've been wanting to get into modern (mostly kpop) dance for a long time and I'm pushing myself to really try because I know I'll enjoy it and benefit from it physically. I have 0 experience though and can't afford actual lessons, so any tips are appreciated!



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I do some private interpretative style stuff, somewhere between like gothy swooping and dramatic gestures, with classical swirls and steps. Honestly, rhythmic flailing, if I'm going to be truthful. But only when I'm in private. 



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My local branch of the SCA has a dance guild, so when my schedule permits me to attend I get to do dances from the Renaissance! We mostly do English country dances, but some 15th century Italian, too. ^_^



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I mostly dance when im listening to music and im really getting into the mood. I love dancing but I get shy in front of an audience >//< especially since im not in the best shape. :energeticcat:



hoop dancing is my absolute favorite, but i'd love to learn more classical ballroom dances or bellydancing. what i know of other styles i like to integrate into hoop dancing til it's just a jumbled mess of chaos of fun.



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I enjoy spinning on all fours to rock music.
Why can I picture this so vividly...

I’m imagining some sort of canine spinning in place rapidly after its own tail, while fast-paced metal plays in the background 


I just move to the music, however it makes me feel. (Alone, and self-consciously, of course.) I’d love to dance with others who look just as foolish as I do, so we can all be carefree and have fun. It’s singing, for your body!