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This is a chat for partially or completely dark/monstrous/scary/etc. otherkins.

Examples: Demon, Vampire, Dragon, Werewolf, Yeti, Griffin, Centaur, Imp, Chimera, Ghoul, Basilisk, Manticore,  Troll, Hippogriff, Sea serpent, Redcap, Goblin, Salamanders in folklore, Kappa, Kelpie, Siren, Zombie,  Ogre, Golem, Oni, Demon-Angel Hybrid, Succubus, Satyr, Faun, Shinigami, Yōkai, Monster, Ghost, Kitsune, Dark elf, Undead, Witch, Wizard, Orc, Litch, Mummy, Any hybrid that has an evil factor in it, Any fictional character that's evil, etc.

Rules: Respect others opinions, If you want to make a counter statement--be respectful, just be nice and respectful lol

Have fun I guess,, 



*goes fast*
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This thread would be best as a club. Creating a club also gives you the mod powers within it to enforce the rules and membership requirements that you wish to impose.

Check it out and let me know!

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