Describe/name your kintype without using the letter A.


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Exactly what it sounds like. Tell us what your kintype is without using the letter A. For some, this may be easy. For others, not so much. For example I could not say that I am a "cat", I would have to say "Domestic Feline". An elephant might say something like "desert pachyderm". Do the thing! 



~ otherworldly shifter / polymorph

~ coyote

~ poodle

~ prehistoric theropod

~ Night Fury

~ Peter Quill

~ Tony St- uh, Iron M- shi,,, "Iron Dude"

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"Feline. Hodge-podge mix of numerous felines rolled into one." Simple enough. :3

Argonian... Saxhleel... Oh man this one is harder, humanoid, lizard, scales, reptilian... so many words containing a. :toungederg: Ok... let's give it a go... Umm...

"Person like reptile." Brief but it'll do. xD
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love/fight demigod segment 

Then if you want the fictotypes: 

  • psychic pink feline 
  • supervisor of group wet 
  • tiny fly cow 
  • void dino child 
  • spooky spider boy 
-{Iros} [Demigod + Fictionkin] 



  • Xenomorph
  • Virus
  • Monstrous
  • Creepy
  • Frightening


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Shard, Incarnation,Emissary Chip off the Old Heru, but closer to the younger one.

Hawk, raptor, bird of prey with the red, uh, tail, backside, feathers, skirt? ...kilt.



Horse with wings, onyx colored little scutes covering the hide. With long reptile-like behind. Pointy horns next to horse-like listening devices. Inside the muzzle: Four long corner teeth. Four digits with feline-like unguis on the front feet. End of the snout: Two big nose openings. Eyes: Upright iris in red-yellow color. Wing fingers: five of them, per wing, with bird-like unguis. Four close together on the end, number five, the thumb, is further to the front. Size: big horse, excluding the long reptile-like behind.

Or I could describe it with: Wyvern with four legs, behind: horse hooves.

I do hope I constructed this without using the first letter in the English lexicon. But I do tend to oversee this from time to time.