Describe/name your kintype without using the letter A.


A Lizardy Cat
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"Greenish brown witch-doctor reptile person from the very wet, muddy forests of my home."

^ There, that was a bit of a better description for argonian than my first try. xD
- big wolfish bird
- big wolfish reptile, derived from the big wolfish bird
- wolf
- speedy kitty
- wet fox
- epic rock superhero boy
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- creepy looking, fight proven female skelleton with fire powers, who stops by when sees beings with furr to hug/ pet them or to help beings, who need help.

- wolf-like demon , who looks also creepy but is a cool protecting dude, even though he is territorial, very suspicious

(oke, this word-spelling / putting words together thing worked pooly. Good to know, no one will judge it like in school)
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Tord. Power-hungry. Evil. Second-shortest in his friend group? Norski. Inventor. Five foot something. Likely five foot nine or ten. Psychotic. Demented. Soulless. Cruel. Impulsive idiot. Foreigner. Brownish, reddish, blondish locks. Red hoodie. Veneer of deference. Winsome. Clever. Bright. Intelligent. Genius. Streetwise. Possesses resolve. Conniving. Commie. Quiet. Introvert. Sightly. Cunning. Deceitful. Psycho. Truculent. Belligerent. 'The best' = NPD. Big Boss. Governor. Nerd. Geek. Despised.