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Describe/name your kintype without using the letter A.


A Lizardy Cat
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"Greenish brown witch-doctor reptile person from the very wet, muddy forests of my home."

^ There, that was a bit of a better description for argonian than my first try. xD
- big wolfish bird
- big wolfish reptile, derived from the big wolfish bird
- wolf
- speedy kitty
- wet fox
- epic rock superhero boy
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- creepy looking, fight proven female skelleton with fire powers, who stops by when sees beings with furr to hug/ pet them or to help beings, who need help.

- wolf-like demon , who looks also creepy but is a cool protecting dude, even though he is territorial, very suspicious

(oke, this word-spelling / putting words together thing worked pooly. Good to know, no one will judge it like in school)
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