Did I experience a mind shift?

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I have a complex question that is very important for me. Sorry, but I'll need a few more words. In a blog entry, I described an event that happened to me during Christmas 2018. It started at Dec 24th and was induced by external emotional stimuli (music, fantastic literature, lots of free time). It lasted at least until Dec 26th. I described the event: "it unchained my mind and put me into a kind of transcendential mood". In this state of mind, I was obviously able to rationally combine otherkin related experiences and pieces of my own thinking that started years ago and lasted until the present day. I used this ability to find a new perception of the world that surrounds us and a reasonable explanation of my own believed nature. In other words, I did philosophy. However, it felt like I had access to another level of consciousness. At the same time, I was still able to rationally analyze and document the results using the part of my consciousness that is hosted in my physical human body. This sounds wicked, but I don't know how to explain it better. I did not have any experience directly related to the physical representation of my kintype (Dragon). Starting from Dec 27th, I decided to gradually interrupt this state because I felt that it would impose too much stress onto my human brain. I did so by switching off the external stimuli and replacing them with others (stuff from the real physical world). Yet I am working on documenting the results ever since. Another direct result is me joining Kinmunity.org at Dec 27th, which was a logical step.

Can this be classified a "mind shift"? If the answer is no, would the answer change if I added another Kintype to my identity (e.g. spirit)? Would another term be more appropriate? If the answer is yes, it is usual to experience such kind of mind shift?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

UPDATE: I am not in any way keen in philosophy. I am a professional scientist and engineer. During the supposed "mind shift", my mind had full access to scientific methods, and I used them for the work.

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A mental shift is often used for when you take on the mindset (voluntarily or not) of your kintype.

That said, a mental shift doesn’t always mean it’s a kintype - it could quite easily just happen, which is termed a cameo shift (where you have a shift of something that isn’t your kintype). 

Also consider that it might not be identity-related at all, and was simply due to a lot of external stimuli. There are a lot of possibilities, to be fair. 

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