Discord Server Discontinued


Effective 02/05/2020, Kinmunity will be discontinuing our Discord chat service. This decision is being made due to the security and privacy concerns that have arisen over the years regarding how Discord treats voice/video/screen-share calls, as well as text messages. Specifically, on 01/12/2020, Security researchers Joseph Bingham and David Wells reverse engineered the Discord client and discovered that voice and video communication is decrypted and meddled with by the Discord server. These findings were independently verified by Kinmunity Administration. It is our belief that encrypted communication is pointless when an omnipotent overseer has the keys. Further more, we hypothesize that Discord only uses the encryption to provide its users with a false sense of security. TL;DR - Discord is MITMing all voice/video chat traffic.

While the Discord server is closing, we have two alternatives.

1. Kinmunity has an on-site chat available at https://kinmunity.com/chat

2. IRC is available (server: irc.wolfhowl.me port: 6697 (ssl) channel: #kinmunity) and can be accessed via our web-client as well: http://chat.wolfhowl.me/#kinmunity We feel this measure is an adequate response to security concerns we have with the Discord platform. Namely, that it cannot be trusted for staff-to-staff communications, we we also don't trust it for our users.

Effective immediately, no new users may connect to our Discord.

On 02/05/2020, the server will be deleted.

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