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Display Name Changer

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An option to change one's display name, with the possible condition(s) of: 

  1. Having to pay a certain amount of bones. (ex: pay 100 bones to change it) 
  2. Having a limited amount of times able to change your username. (ex: You can only change your display name 3 times)
  3. A waiting period between each change. (ex: You must wait 60 days to change your display name again)
The display name change option would be a great option for those undergoing transgender transitioning (ex: having a masculine display name but wanting to change it to feminine), those who name their account as a theriotype/kintype/fictiotype but realizing they are not kin as them (ex: someone having the display name Luna Wolf but realizing they are a fox), wanting to go under another alias in the community, and many other reasons. 

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