do any of you guys wear tails?


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So, fellow otherkins...  do any of you guys wear tails? Just asking out of curiosity 🙂   I would wear one, but my mother is very against it...  What kind of tail is it? Fox, wolf, dragon, etc.? And if you don't feel confertable answering, don't sweat it!  that is totally fine!



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I used to wear tails all the time in middle school. I had to stop since one chick would get weird about it and stroke it in a suggestive manner, squeeze it, or pull it (she nearly pulled my pants down like that once, the ironic part was she was trying to be my friend but came off really uh, clingy and off). I wanted to buy a scale tail but I never got around to it. I might make a tail for my prehistoric croc/shark/dolphin thing. Man, I miss middle school. Everyone was nice and didn't know what a furry or therian was so they just thought my tails were cool accessories.



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@Catums lol, for me, middle school sucks.... I actually saw some one wearing a tail and they were about to  get beaten up... I ran over to then, and defended them... lets just say, the people got what they deserved... (That was a joke, I didn't fully injure anyone... I just put them down until a teacher arrived to take them...)  Now the kid wearing the tail and I are real close buddies ^u^



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Sometimes, it's fairly rare for me nowadays, but if I'm really feeling like myself and want to dress nicely, I have a tail that I clip on to the side of my belt. I don't wear it in the back where one would normally put a tail on that, but I'll clip it on to the side. I've had a few different ones, mainly fox and coyote, and I actually had a fursuit-sized hand made one at one point that unfortunately got lost between my moves. I'd like to get another fox tail, preferably a handmade fox tail in that same fursuit style as I got before. I like those ones a lot. Real ones are nice, but they're very proportionately small to the human body, lol.

I've actually gotten some compliments on my tails. I wear them when I go to shows at a concert venue a town over, and when I go to pagan events, and I've had people stop me and compliment me on em before. I thought that was pretty cool.

I have a few I occasionally wear at home (would probably wear more often if I lived with more accepting people haha) but I'm too scared to wear a tail or anything like that in public, especially alone. I have bad enough social anxiety lmao



I have a snow leopard tail (faux obviously!), although it's more of a furry thing for me and I only really wear it in furry circles. That all said, it does feel nice to feel weight that semi-emulates my tail. It does induce strong phantom shifts after I remove it though, which is both a blessing and a curse. 

I wear two tails at once lol. I don't know what breed one is, so i'll just say fox, but the other is an arctic fox. I only wear them both cause the clip on one needs to be replaced so its chained to my black(ish) blue one now.

My parents and some of my friends think it's because i'm a furry, but no one knows the real reason, so I only tell when they ask.

I wear them sometimes.  I have faux tails and real taxidermy ones, although they're almost all vegan fur.  As of now I only buy from places that sell vegan fur, which is fur not taken directly from an animal that was killed for it.  It's fur used from either roadkill, animals that were found dead, or leftover scraps from the fur industry that would've been thrown out.  I like wearing them, but I don't wear them as much as I used to anymore.