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do y'all listen to stuff when youre trying to voluntarily mental shift?

I enjoy listening to stuff when trying to shift and usually music, sometimes forest or jungle sounds

The music gives me goosebumps and an awesome feeling that I can't really explain that gets me to shift alot of the time if I'm actually trying to,

I'd like to know if y'all listen to anything to help voluntary shifts, 

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New member
I don’t listen to music I go out like today I feel like a horse so i am going to go lay in the meadow and think of my horse wave to shift  



I don't normally listen to anything to purposefully induce a mental shift, but being my a stream or listening to wind or just nature in general tends to make me m-shift in varying degrees.



New member
Ummmmm... I listen to certain video game soundtracks. Specifically, the music from Minecraft and World of Goo. They are ambient songs that help me feel more dragonlike.