Do you ever feel alone with your kintype?


I feel alone sometimes with being a mermaidkin. I just feel like there's no other mermaids out there. I'm sure there are, I just haven't met any yet.

I don't feel alone in the community itself, it's wonderful here! 💙

I just wanted to know, does anyone else sort of feel like an "odd one out"? Do you ever feel a struggle to find others like yourself? I don't feel so alone in knowing others might feel the same.



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Hey there, sorry you feel that way. Hopefully one day you’ll be able to!  :Attentive:

I myself am in the same boat. I’m werekin, and I haven’t really been able to find other ones out there - even werewolves. I’ve met some, but the community is some places is very weird and has a pretty negative side to it. One day I hope to meet more though!

I've seen a couple of mermaids/merfolk out there. Not many, but a few.

I haven't seen many cormorants. A couple...but only like two. Never met another anhinga. And non-carnivorous dinosaurs pretty hard to find as well.



Even carnivorous dinosaurs are pretty rare, I'd say. Cannot recall if I have ever seen another deinonychus therian who actually aligns with science's current idea rather than pop culture (which ends up bordering on fictionkin at that point).

Being Cybertroniankin is similar but slightly more common (there are a few of us around here!). Finding each other is like finding a needle in a haystack most of the time due to legitimacy, though. 

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Birds of prey are pretty rare. Red tail hawks divide that small group even more, though within that small group they're relatively common. Basically I'm happy to see any raptor around, and also somewhat annoyed that I have to specify bird-raptor because now everyone thinks of dinos first when you use that term. (I started calling myself raptorian before Jurassic Park. Yes, I'm that old.) 

Anthro-hawk? Don't recall ever meeting one. 

Polymorph? I run into those more often than the other types. 

Spirit-being? Still a small group, but there are some around. 

Deitykin? Rare to meet one that doesn't make me cringe, especially of known deities. Egyptian deitykin that aren't Anubis? Very rare. Why is it always Anubis? 

Lone pagan deity hanging out in a flock of angels? Yep, that's me. Wings? Check. Divinity? Check. Tendency to always think I'm right about everything? I plead the fifth. Lament about our fallen brothers who can never return? Look, I know Set has done some stuff, but haven't we all? Let's not get hasty. Sing Glory Glory...ok that's enough. I'm out of here!

I'm a mermaid, OP ^.^ I don't normally get to speak to other merpeople, I know they're around but haven't really gotten to know any so if you want to talk mermaid stuff and compare notes you know where I am. 

Surprisingly I don't feel particularly alone, I know there are others like me. Mermaidkin are relatively common among the mythical kintypes, which is partly why I don't interact with them much, too numerous to get to know them all.
And there are a surprisingly decent number of ape therians and ape-hearted people of varying species, we all seem to know eachother atleast in passing if not well. Though sometimes in general therian spaces I can feel a bit of an odd one out, the sorts of experiences people tend to have in common, I don't exactly relate to. And one thing I've noticed about a few therians is that when they lament about their humanity, they always describe it as their ape features as if that's really undesirable. "My ape hair my ape hands my ape this and that", like ugh being human sucks because it's so APELIKE. My angle is that humans being apes is rad I just think I'm the wrong one, I'd rather have a bonobo's body. The wider family is not what I have a problem with, it's the human bit. Some other therians extend their bitterness to the family as a whole which is a bit unfair on the other apes 😅 it's not their fault.  

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I'm a mermaidkin and a werekin as well! I'm fairly new to the Kinmunity and Otherkin in general, but I've always known I was a mermaid and a wolf. I am still in the process of discovering my Kintypes. Does anyone want to start a group chat?



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Surprisingly, I find it rare to bump into another tiger.  I'm super stoked when I do, but the number I have met in my lifetime can be counted on one hand.  I do feel alone in being a tiger and wish there were more, but life is what it is and you make the best of it.

As for feeling like the odd one out? No, I have not felt alone in that regard.  The communities I have been a part of are pretty good about inclusion regardless of the preponderance of wolves.

I've found a few birds, although the only other cuculidae I ever met was an alter that got reintegrated, or something like that, never got the opportunity to chat with them.

But I often find things I resonate with in other kintypes, I'm quite happy for that. 



Well, I've not found any other Longma, But because I'm almost entirely a western dragon, with lots of the same traits: I've found other who are quite similar to that part. But yeah, sometimes I ask myself where other Longmas are. But I did found one inside a horse body, I think. But that is a long story. So I'm not entirely alone. I would love to find somebody else to 'confirm' it to me, so now I know 100% certain that it's not something inside my head.

Also, OP, did you know? youtuber Superperson did awaken as mermaid: 



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Being something extinct and having no known related types to the many oft seen creates as much a sense of inner isolation as it does outwardly. I admit though, I just expect this, and it is just a facet of life. Even in the "community" I am very distant by both circumstance and design, not to say that is a good or bad thing or really anything in between, rather it just is what it is.

Haven't seen many orca therians out there, only met a dolphin cladotherian who didn't have orca shifts very often. Actually, I don't see many aquatic kin in general. Water dudes are awesome and I hope to see more of them.



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I'm mermaid-kin as well and I thought I'd let you know there's a really nice Amino for merfolk (AminoApps is a place where people can make communities). 

The amino is called 'Merfolk shifters' and they have around 500 - 600 members, they also have a complete wiki full of information, where I found out what kind of mer I am and learned about fluke options, anatomy etc.



All the time. Recently awakening/questioning a fiction-kintype and it's making me feel awful & embarrassed. 

My theriotypes however are pretty "normal."