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Do you ever feel alone with your kintype?


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Clove: I'm a cyclops and despite even checking the Tumblr tags, I've never seen another cyclops : / 



I feel alone sometimes with being a mermaidkin. I just feel like there's no other mermaids out there. I'm sure there are, I just haven't met any yet.

I don't feel alone in the community itself, it's wonderful here! 💙

I just wanted to know, does anyone else sort of feel like an "odd one out"? Do you ever feel a struggle to find others like yourself? I don't feel so alone in knowing others might feel the same.
One of my kintypes is mermankin, so I know how you feel!!! 



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I've already resigned to the fact that I'll never meet another individual like myself. But that's okay. Life isn't just about the social aspect, it's one mere part of it. Though I haven't met another Kaprosuchus, there are at least a few dinosaur-kin and that's pretty close. I also relate to most reptilian-kin.


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It would be nice to meet other ent-like/tree-like kintypes but I don't feel alone.

I guess the best part of my kintype is
I always have the option to meet actual trees if i want to socialize with someone close to my kin. 😊


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I've seen a few mermaids and one or two other dolls around, so I don't feel alone in that aspect. It would be cool to meet another magical girl, but loneliness for that hits sporadically. I would say my biggest isolation factors in the community are probably my personal beliefs and my history of mental illness.


Actually all the time, just got used to it somehow over the years of not feeling any weight of loneliness and not desiring any acceptance from anyone

even though there's alot of kitsune of many different kin types and sub kin types, etc, etc, (the list keeps on going) and that of the same kind as of me as well, (higher or lower Void/Dark kitsune/Nogitsune/Other)

And sometimes don't feel connections to any of them at times, being in a void state of being half of the time with Only the feelings of connection that of my presence of/in myself alone with my personal journals written down, treading off the beaten path of what is commonly known by others, (no common grounds/references to go by)

so yeah, totally alone in my kin type (Void Fox) , but hey.. survived being in a vacuum of isolation alone is one of the hardest things to adapt to for some, but it was too easy for me to say the least, (not prideful of it)

Anyways, that's pretty much it, its one lonely path that i walk on through the unknown