Do you ever just embarrass your kin side?


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Like for example if you're a squirrel kin and you just can't for the life of you climb trees? I've been having issues opening my mouth all the way recently and lemme tell you, if I was still my kintype I would probably just swim straight into the mouth of a shark, no use being an alligator like creature if you can't even chomp down on stuff.




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I'm wolfkin, but I can't run for the life of me. Well, more accurately, I can run decently fast... for like 5 seconds

My stamina is just terrible, so if I were still a wolf, I'd get ditched by the pack so fast XD

My human body is nothing compared to what I could do if I were my kintypes again.  I really want to change that, though.  I would definitely put all of my species to shame... ~ Cameron, The Saccharine System 



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Not so much as I used to when I was shunning it, that is for certain. Having opened the door for myself and embraced what the Smilodon aspect I am is and represents, there is significantly less embarrassment and sense of shame. The only issues that recur are those of just being too human, where the physical limits are just terrible. Granted I have vastly improved my fitness, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, but the tertiary aspect is just laughably weak in comparison and I am by no means inept there. It is just embarrassing to remember yourself and know yourself and what you should be able to do but are so limited by human traits. 

There are other things that seem to be poor reflections, when really they are fairly accurate. Sabertooths weren't nimble, they weren't agile, and neither am I in any form. Yet I can't help but cringe when I maneuver poorly or trip over my own feet because at the end of the day I am still a cat.