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Do you have any animalistic or otherkin urges?


This is a fun thread!

For me, I sometimes get the urge to graze on grass, berries, etc. I will be naturally drawn to plants that look appetizing to me. XD I don't actually eat them, but I do end up harvesting them for witchcraft purposes. As a horse/unicorn, I totally would've snacked on aaallll kinds of flowers though.

I also have the urge to run- not out of fright, but just the drive to move and explore. My body is very kinetic, it wants to be moving constantly. I feel like that is a very equine trait. We don't sit still: we have watchful eyes, listening ears, twitching tails, muscles ready to go at any moment. We like to play and run and dance.

My other alter, Hyakkimaru, is a hare/fox kitsune demon entity that has both prey and predator instincts. He has urges to dig, he follows scents (he sniffs things a lot), he watches birds and other animals. Humans almost don't parse to him, unless they're dangerous. He has his eyes and ears on other animals instead. He also has the uncontrollable urge to eat whole live fish... he settles for sashimi. He misses his natural diet. He does not at all like processed human foods. They don't register as food to his palette. Even cooked rice is pretty alien to his tongue.

He also has urges to eat wild plants- specifically clovers, carrots, strawberries, and any earthy herb. He loves to chew on rosemary branches, he uses them to clean his teeth.


Active member
Shadow Dog
Too many for me to list because I kinda just am dog and elf 24/7 and sometimes other things lol. Rou really wants to talk about their urges tho, they're a wolf!

Rou: I want to run a lot!! I love running. I get predator instincts too and love meat :eatduck: but we're vegan so obv I can't like actually eat meat lol. but vegan jerky is SO GOOD 10/10 it pretty much tastes like and has the same texture as meat or dog treats. i like rolling in things. we used to roll on our bed after washing the sheets to get our scent back on it. i hate unfamiliar smells and want everything to smell like us. and i wanna howl everytime i hear sirens lol... embarrassing /s


New member
I'm not sure if I'm in the right place but I'm a werehyena not a wolf but it seems like u guys think I'm some sort of scavenger or something
Wierd but okay


Mine are wagging my waste (tail) and tensing up and screaming and growling... funnily enough none of my Kins do that.


As a fox, I have urges to burrow, and will often do so under blankets. I also have urges to chase small mammals like squirrels.