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We are looking to raise approximately $80.00 USD. The reason for this is we desire to purchase UI.X, which is a theme framework. Due to some of the bugs reported with our default theme, we wish to replace it with a customized theme based on "UI.X Dark". This theme is available here if you’re curious: UI.X Dark - 30$ is required for the theme itself, and 50$ is required for us to remove their branding from it.

Donating has its perks!

Users who donate during the donation drive will be rewarded. The first ten users who donate (or until this donation drive is closed, whichever is sooner) will receive double bones at their going rate. This means if you donate 5$ or more, you’ll receive 3600 bones, if you donate 25$ or more, you’ll receive 21600 bones, if you donate 45$ or more, you’ll receive 43200 bones. Finally, if you donate 95$ or more, you’ll receive 97200 bones! This is based on the current sale rate of bones.

Donation Instructions

  • Step 1. Click here to donate.
  • Step 2. After donating, send a private message to Shiro with the email address you used to claim your bones if applicable.

Anonymous Donation Insturctions

You also have the option of donating anonymously. You will not receive bones or appear on any donation "thank you" lists if you choose to donate this way.

Click here to donate anonymously.

Current Donations

@Mist Howler - donated $10.00, $9.41 usable.

The donation drive is officially over! Thanks to Mist Howler for their generous donation, and thanks to Audentio Design to be willing to work with us on this matter!
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